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In a season of unpredictability, we want you to feel confident in your decision to buy TRUE, so we are extending our 60-day fit guarantee to 120 days. This means you now have an additional 60 days to ensure your player has the ideal bat for their game.

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This NEW breakthrough
baseball algorithm will change your youth athlete's batting performance forever!

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Our Baseball Epiphany

Our “baseball epiphany” came as we watched youth baseball being taught throughout the country. We saw kids consistently struggle with their swings and we had a hunch the problem was more than poor technique. Players were experiencing setbacks because their bats were too heavy or too light, too long or too short.

We recognized that bat “fitting” had never been part of the performance and development equation for youth…and that had to CHANGE.


What do we mean by fit? With decades of experience in the golf industry, we witnessed the transformation that saw club fitting become the standard in the game. A real golfer will almost never purchase a club without first matching personal metrics and goals to club measurements and performance. This is the only way to be confident in club selection. We realized the same principles that had become the standard in one sport (golf) had hardly been considered in another (youth baseball). The current bat selection process involves far too much guesswork.

TRUE Diamond Science bat tested over 3,000 youth athletes to develop a one-of-a-kind fitting algorithm and proprietary bat prescription methodology!


Through world-class data analytics, we learned that getting the right bat in the hands of a youth player didn’t make a small difference, it makes ALL the difference! The incredible team at TRUE developed proprietary technology including launch monitors, batting analysis stations, and custom algorithms to create the most precise fitting experience EVER at the youth level. The result? Incredible data about players’ individual abilities and an accurate process that pairs the player with the bat that is guaranteed to improve their game.


What is different about
TRUE Diamond Science?

We are not focused on exotic baseball trends and gadgets. We're not a marketing machine that is trying wow you with flashy colored bats that claim they are the next BIG THING.

We are focused on ONE THING...


Fitting your youth athlete with the correct bat!

** See What Parents Are Saying! **


"I'm not a real fan of just saying - here's a sheet, go buy a bat but if you can go try it out at a batting cage like this and see how much better he's swinging the bat, I think it's well worth the experience."

- Actual Parent Testimonial


"I would 100% totally recommend this product. You know what your getting and I guarantee you a lot of parents would much rather spend a couple hundred dollars on something that's geared to fit their child"

- Actual Parent Testimonial



The TRUE Fit Van was created to help kids of all levels learn about products and techniques they can use to play their best.

Increase your player’s enjoyment of the game by fitting them for the RIGHT BAT at the RIGHT TIME of their baseball development

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At TRUE Diamond Science, our main goal is to get the right bat into the hands of our athletes.

TRUE Diamond Science offers a 120-day fit guarantee on our 2019 T1, T2, T1X, and T2X bat models. Customers who are dissatisfied with the fit of their new TRUE Diamond Science bat may request an exchange within 120 days of the original date of purchase.

Used bats will only be able to be eligible to be exchanged for a hybrid bat model of the same certification (i.e. USA bats will only be able to be exchanged for USA bats). Unused and unopened bats will be subject to our standard exchange and return policy.

Consumers must send back the original purchased bat before a replacement bat can be sent out. TRUE Diamond Science will cover the cost of ground shipping both ways. Expedited shipping options may be available at the consumer’s expense.

Returned bats must be in good condition and a valid receipt from an authorized TRUE Diamond Science dealer must be provided to qualify. The 120-day guarantee applies to purchases made on truediamondscience.com, Hit + Fit Events, and authorized TRUE Diamond Science dealers. This offer does not apply to purchases from unauthorized TRUE Diamond Science dealers. All fraudulent returns will be prosecuted to the fullest extent.