2020 T1X 2 3/4 USSSA Bat -10


The T1X for USSSA Baseball athletes. Swing TRUE.

2020 T1X 2 3/4 USSSA Bat -10


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TRUE Part #: UT-T1X-20-10
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Technical Specs

Length (in)

, , , , , , , , , , ,

Weight (oz)

22.0, 22.5, 17.5, 18, 18.5, 19, 19.5, 20, 20.5, 21, 17, 21.5



Barrel Diameter (in)




Black, Blue, Grey, White


Grip Size



Sport Wrap With 2 Size Options

Grip Length (in)



Clear Coat Finish


Testing Standards

USSSA Baseball

Model Year



Player Benefits

Introducing the 2019 T1X from TRUE Diamond Science. The cutting-edge balance and hybrid construction of this 2-piece material bat make the T1X an ideal selection for USSSA Baseball athletes’ intent on mastering all aspects of modern high performance hitting. Better materials and better design mean improved results. That’s why the T1X gives batters the best of both worlds with a composite handle and a two- and three-quarter-inch barrel. These components are masterfully forged together using Fused Hybrid Technology to provide the ultimate in feel. Two-by-two twill handle weave and a step-less design create an optimized swing weight and maximized barrel performance. Coupled with TRUE SmartPly Technology, the T1X carbon fiber shaft is the premier tool for providing swing accuracy, maximum torque control, and top-level impact strength for the hitter responsible for the next RBI.

3 reviews for 2020 T1X 2 3/4 USSSA Bat -10

  1. Amber Bevins (verified owner)

    We were introduced to TRUE by my son’s batting instructor. We met with Mark for our first fitting and chose a T1 USA bat back in September. It improved our son’s hitting tremendously. We have had several parents approach us during or after games asking for more info on his bat. We were so pleased with the product that we met with Mark AGAIN yesterday to be fitted for this USSSA bat. We will soon be the proud owners of two TRUE bats. As parents, we put a lot of research and thought into our purchases. Let me save you the legwork…these bats are worth it.

  2. Phil Crumbliss

    Our son had a custom fitting at Midwest Catching Academy by Mark and were instantly impressed with the fitting process. The science behind the fittings is amazing and they explained to not only us but to our 9 year old son what the results meant and how they affected his swing. He was fitted for the new T2 bat and he has been crushing the ball since he took it out of the bat. Before the fitting most of his hits were low line drives and with the T2 he is hitting harder and the ball is traveling farther. We highly recommend these bats and the fitting experience. We are a lifelong customer.

  3. Will Simmen

    My 11 year old has had a True since November and he loves it! He get thru the zone faster and almost always barrels up the ball. True bats definitely have pop. Half the kids on our team use his bat and several other kids from our 12U team have hit with it and have purchased drop 8’s.

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