2020 T2X 2 3/4 USSSA Bat -10


The T2X for USSSA Baseball athletes. Swing TRUE.

2020 T2X 2 3/4 USSSA Bat -10


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TRUE Part #: UT-T2X-20-10
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Technical Specs

Length (in)

, , , , , , , ,

Weight (oz)

22.0, 22.5, 23.0, 19, 19.5, 20, 20.5, 21, 21.5



Barrel Diameter (in)




Black, Grey, White


Grip Size



Sport Wrap With 2 Size Options

Grip Length (in)



Clear Coat Finish


Testing Standards

USSSA Baseball

Model Year





Player Benefits

Dropping in the 2019 season is the optimized power performance T2X from TRUE Diamond Science. This masterfully designed two-piece hybrid bat was created specifically for the USSSA Baseball middle of the lineup batter. Boasting revolutionary SmartPly Technology, every inch of the T2X was designed for impressive deep performance. Each handle is comprised of up to 25 layers of unidirectional carbon fiber, meticulously optimized and manufactured for revolutionary weight balance and bat-to-ball impact strength. The two and three quarters aluminum barrel, with its extended barrel length and optimized end weighting is seamlessly fused to a compact composite handle. TRUE Diamond Science’s T2X provides increased moment of inertia and optimized barrel dynamics for the power hitter. The Fused Hybrid Technology optimizations are instantly recognizable in the aerodynamics of every swing so T2X batters can dominate the diamond.

9 reviews for 2020 T2X 2 3/4 USSSA Bat -10

  1. Michael McGrath

    I was a bit skeptical of spending $280 on a bat from a newer bat company, but they have a solid team, and real data backing their product. I purchased the T2X -10 30/20 medium grip for my 9u player. We decided on the end loaded T2x due to his overall strength and swing speed, and wanting to get more inertia behind the ball with the weight distribution. Not only does the bat perform well from our time in the cages, its fit and finish is second to none. This bat is a real head turner, and everyone who saw the bat, or heard the balls coming off the bat was curious about it. I don’t have any real data numbers to compare, but my son loved the weight, feel, look and sound of the balls coming off of the bat. He is very happy with the bat, which makes a parent feel good about the investment.

  2. Seth Cummings

    Attended demo day in Northridge, CA. TRUE’s rep was fantastic – very knowledgeable, didn’t rush us, but also kept things moving, knew baseball, conveyed a lot of info about their differentiators, made the experience fun, and my son can’t wait to try the bat out at the fields. Results on USSSA T2X bat were +15-30 feet carry at 10 degrees less launch angle.

  3. Jim Baluch

    Did some quality research and decided to buy one for my 11 year old. Well, results are in…he absolutely loves the bat. Good pop right out of the box. Well balanced and ready to go.

  4. Phil Crumbliss

    Our son had a custom fitting at Midwest Catching Academy by Mark and were instantly impressed with the fitting process. The science behind the fittings is amazing and they explained to not only us but to our 9 year old son what the results meant and how they affected his swing. He was fitted for the new T2 bat and he has been crushing the ball since he took it out of the bat. Before the fitting most of his hits were low line drives and with the T2 he is hitting harder and the ball is traveling farther. We highly recommend these bats and the fitting experience. We are a lifelong customer.

  5. Will Simmen

    Great bat! My 11 year old has had one since November and loves it. He gets thru the zone faster and it definitely has some serious pop! Half the kids on the team use it. Overall best bat he’s ever hit with

  6. Jenn (verified owner)

    Attended demo day at Force Sports in Ohio. Amazing bat!!!!! My son is 8 and loves this bat hit his 1st home run over the fence with the bat. Amazing pop, he’s hitting the ball harder and faster. When he outgrows this bat we will be getting another one 😉

  7. Ashley M.

    The online fitting session gave us some great feedback and the two week trial program to test out two different size and style bats was an awesome experience! We got to see what really works for our son and the t2x bat was the final decision. Our son really enjoyed using this bat that we had to purchase it after our trial, he gets so much more range when he’s hitting with this bat compared to other bats he has. The customer service was very responsive and helpful I couldn’t have asked for better service and experience to help with this process.

  8. Keith K.

    The demo program is a huge win for both parties. If you are going to spend a few hundred on bat for your son, at least have the ability to choose the right size and weight before you make a big purchase. The 14 day demo program allow you to try 2 different bats and the have your son make the right choice that works for his swing and hitting style.

  9. Tom Martino

    A friend recommended True bats to me and I was very skeptical buying a bat from an unproven company. I signed up for the demo program and my son swung the bat for two weeks. The results were noticeable right away he was hitting the ball further and with some extra pop. The bat did not seem to need a break in period at all hot off the bat…lol! I was a loyal Demarini guy for years and finally got frustrated with them breaking up and not lasting. Very happy with the bats performance and price point. Give it a try you will not be disappointed!

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